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SGA: Search & Rescue and Broken Ties

I'd already seen Season 5 when it first aired but seeing Search and Rescue again reminded me of the moment when Sheppard/Ronon became my OTP for this series. You know the scene where the boys realize that its the hybrids about to dig them out?

MAN'S VOICE: Stay calm! We're almost there.

SHEPPARD (calling up to the ceiling): I'm gonna stop making fun of combat engineers as of today, I promise. Harris up there with you?

MAN'S VOICE: Yes, he's here. Don't worry, we'll have you out soon.

(Ronon frowns and looks at John.)

DEX: I thought Harris was on leave until next month.

(John nods, then calls up to the ceiling again.)

SHEPPARD: If we get out of here, beer's on me, boys. What do you like, uh, Duff Beer or Oprah Ale?

MAN'S VOICE (after a slight pause): Duff.

SHEPPARD (quietly to Ronon): Well, they don't watch The Simpsons or drink beer.

DEX: Michael's hybrids? I bet he was tipped off when the building blew.

(He moves around to a position behind John's head and picks up his blaster.)

SHEPPARD (irritated): You totally should have gotten out of here!

DEX: Yeah, whatever.

SHEPPARD: I can't reach my gun.

(Ronon reaches under the beam and pulls John's pistol out of its holster. Cocking it, he hands it to him.)

DEX: Here. All right, how do you wanna play this?

(John pauses, gathering his last remaining strength, then looks at Ronon.)

SHEPPARD: Shoot until we can't shoot any more.

(Ronon smiles.)

DEX: All right.

(He settles into position behind John's head and the two of them gaze up at the ceiling as cement dust cascades down on them, indicating that the hybrids are almost through. John turns his head towards Ronon again.)

SHEPPARD: Been a pleasure.

(Ronon smiles.)

DEX: Same.

(As one, they raise their right arms and aim their weapons towards the ceiling.)


*cough* /end gratuitous fangirl squee'ing.

And later on in Broken Ties when Sheppard is on his knees and pulls out two guns from behind his back and starts shooting the Wraith. OH MY GAWWWD!


I am not ashamed to admit that I have a serious kink for scenes like these. Particularly the one in Search and Rescue. I see that and I hit freakin Tilt. And I seem to have developed a 'thing' for Sheppard and his guns. :D

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