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A dear friend is in need of your help. lem0nb0mbs has always been there to help spread the word to help those that need it and now she needs our help.

About [info]save_wishkey:
[info]wishkey is a B5, Farscape, Stargate and Doctor Who fan, a bohemian lover of life, and a survivor of prolonged domestic violence and abuse. Some of [info]wishkey's RL friends are auctioning off goods and services to help pay for shelter for her as she seeks recovery from acute PTSD, an overtaxed immune system and a nervous breakdown after several months of compounding blows to her physical and mental health. We are not as large of a community as [info]help_haiti or the Support Stacie initiative but we are doing what we can to try and help keep [info]wishkey off the streets and out of a potentially harmful shelter system as she gets treatment. All proceeds go directly to [info]wishkey's immediate housing needs.

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