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Had my GYN appointment today with the ultrasound and biopsy. Hormone levels are normal, the doctor said that my hemoglobin came back so perfect that that's not normal. He chuckled at that but honestly he's right if something is too good to be true than that just means that it is.

Ultrasound shows a 1/2 inch fibroid and he said depending on what the biopsy results show I can decide whether I want to do anything about it or not. Now the biopsy was so fucking painful that it took me a little while to stop crying. The doctor gave me a few minutes to get control of myself as the nurse gave me tissue and rubbed my arm. The pain level had the doctor concerned because it wasn't supposed to be that bad. He's thinking that there's a second fibroid that didn't appear on the ultrasound or the one is bigger than what the scan showed. One good thing about that experience was that I was actually surprised (in the good way) that the people in that office care about the patients. It's the first time I'd ever had an appointment in a GYN office where I wasn't looked down upon for things hurting more than what the doctor or nurse expects.

I'm supposed to call the doctor's office next week to find out the results of the biopsy and then do a follow up with the doctor in four weeks to discuss the next plan of action to get my periods under control. Not only because it could lead to cancer (if I don't have it already) but because it's just not right to have to deal with what I have been. He'd suggested perhaps birth control pills as a possibility until I told him what happened the one and only time I took them so he said he'd look into more options for me and we'll talk about it at the next appointment.

I really hate that my hormone levels were normal though. That means that the depression I get can't be attributed to that as we (me and my family) thought. I had hoped that they'd show that they were off-kilter and I'd find a way to fix things.

And I actually admitted to the nurse before the doctor arrived in the room that I do get severe depression. That's a first for me since I usually hide that fact if I'm asked by a medical person.

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