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I am so cooked

Today was the last day of the temp job I've been working for a few weeks. It was absolute chaos since the entire division moved to another building on Friday. My last day was actually supposed to be on Thursday but they asked me to come in today to help transition in the permanent Admin Assistant coming in. Good god I never want to see that many boxes in one place to unpack again ever.

Also had a big shock because the dept head I was working for all this time suddenly resigned on Thursday afternoon after I'd left for the day. No one was expecting it since she's been doing this job for over a decade and loved her work with the company. It also sucks too because she was going to speak for me regarding several position I'd applied for within the company and the hospital they're affiliated with. *headdesk* Hopefully, the reference will still work out since she'll at least be consulting with them (at least that's the rumor).

Oh, and I'm pretty sure that waking up two hours early (at 5:30am) completely negates me going to bed early so that I could be all 'perky' for my last day.

Now time to chill out a little bit with my ipod and unwind.

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