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Wanted: New Brain (pleeze make it shiny)

The problem with doing edits on a fic is that you actually have to think around things more.

Oh, don't give me that look.

Okay... so I don't really mind it since it makes me create a better story, but damn I feel like my brain has been squeegeed while trying to figure out a better way to phrase a line or paragraph.

I have a difficult time getting past what is already written (if that makes any dang sense). I've gotten so used to writing short that my brain doesn't want to expand more, or it gets so hung up on word choice that I can't see what else the characters are trying to say beyond that particular second within the story.

It's hard as hell, but I think that the effort (and squeegee'ing) are well worth it.

And on the plus side, I may just have this bastard ready for final beta by next weekend.

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