Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

PSA: Anyone Want Some Fanzines for The Professionals

A neighbor is selling her old slash fanzines for The Professionals and wants to donate the sale to Lucky Star Cavalier Rescue. I think she said that if no one is interested in these that she'll probably throw them away. I offered to post this because I think its a shame for any fic to be thrown away without a chance for someone to keep them for posterity.

Please email me (kazbaby at gmail dot com) for details.

Title List:

Backtrack (1989)
Backtrack 2 (1990)
Backtrack 5 (1991)
Backtrack 6 (1992)
Backtrack 9 (1994)
Backtrack 10: A special issue: Innocently Employed, a novella by Ruth Colterson (1994)

Bene Dicutm: A Dickensian Christmas by M. Fae Glasgow (1992)

British Takeaway (1985)
British Takeaway 2 (1985?)
British Takeaway 3 (1986?)

Chalk and Cheese 7 (1990)

Continental B&D: Have Partner, Will Travel (1994)

Down Under Express 1 (1992)
Down Under Express 2 (1994)
Down Under Express 3 (1995)

Heat Trace: a sequel of sorts to Brother's Keeper by Helen Raven (a B/D novel 1992)

In The Public Interest 3 (1991)

Murphy's Law: A Professionals fanzine featuring Agent 6.2 (1994)

Other Times and Places VI (1995)

Professional Dreamer by Pamela Rose

Professional Insight (seems to be nonfiction about the episodes; not dated)

A Shot in the Dark (1995)

Tenderloin by Vicki L. Martin (1991)

Unprofessional Conduct 1 (1992)

Up to Standard by Marguerite Krause (1988)

Whisper of a Kill by Lois Welling (1992)

Who Dares Wins by Sharon Fetter (1994)

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