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Fic Idea for the Taking

Okay, so I'm making my way through SGA from start to finish for the first time and last night I got an idea for a Cam/Sheppard fic and since I have no plans to ever write SGA fic (I honestly don't think I could capture Sheppard's voice) I thought I'd pass the idea on over here in the hopes that someone will write it one day.

The basic idea is that Cam does have the ATA gene in him but it's dormant. And because it's dormant the gene therapy doesn't work on him. (Perhaps the medical team doesn't tell him he even has the natural gene dormant inside after the gene therapy doesn't work, or they just don't know that he has it for some reason or another) Cue a wee bit of frustration because he wants to be able to help out on Atlantis as much as Sheppard.

Of course, he's always been curious though to know what its like to be in the Ancient Chair. One day, Sheppard gets the idea to try and give Cam a little bit of what it feels like. Just a little experiment mixed in with a kink he'd always wanted to try. So he somehow works out a way for the chair room to be cut off from the rest of the city/sensors. Possibly during a routine maintenance check of the sections systems. Anyway, he brings Cam with him... alone. :D Just before he sits in the chair, Sheppard tells Cam his idea and at first Cam is freaked because "what if they get found out", but Sheppard assures him that Atlantis has their back.

Sheppard undresses Cam and pushes him back in the chair and undresses himself, and as they start having sex Sheppard activates the chair when places his hands on the controls on the arms, telling Cam to keep his hands on top of his.

While they're going at it, Atlantis recognizes the dormant gene within Cam and somehow causes it to be 'un-dormant', and suddenly both Cam and Sheppard are controlling the chair together while connecting to Atlantis. After this Atlantis considers the two of them 'hers', the three of them are bonded in a way no one had ever expected before. Perhaps it even makes defense of the city even stronger because of the deeper connection Atlantis has with Cam and Sheppard.

Anyway, that's the idea (I hope it makes sense outside of my own head). Feel free to have fun in this playground if you so choose.

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