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Finished Season 2 of SGA

Gotta say... I really like the Wraith as baddies. Genii on the other hand are a bunch of... What's the proper plural spelling of 'putz'? Well, you get the idea.

- Sheppard still rocks.

- Ronon is damn awesome and watching the entire season only reinforces the fact that Sheppard and Ronon are so meant for each other. :D

- McKay is not so annoying this season but I still have urges to bitchslap him on occasion.

- I want to have Teyla's babies because she is made of most awesome.

- Still can't warm up to Weir even after all this time but she kicked ass (even if it wasn't really her) in Long Goodbye.

- Beckett is still a cuddle bunny and I adore him to death. (And the look on his face when 'McKay' kissed him was priceless. I'm dreading re-watching Sunday when I hit it in season 3.

- On impulse I'd have to say that Runner, Conversion, Long Goodbye, Micheal and Inferno are my favs of the season. And all in all, I really love their space battles on this show. What can I say? I'm a simple girl who likes pretty explosions.

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