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can you say that again?

Got into work last night and found out the girl that was supposed to work with me on 3rd shift had called out sick. So I was going to be by myself. Took over an hour to get the manager to call me back. He finally told me to lock the doors until 5am and just clean the store. So I cleaned..everything. I was so beat when I got home almost at 7.

Bought my mom a bouquet of flowers and a single rose. I was intending to make mom breakfast before she left for church, but when I got home I found there was no breakfast foods except cereal. So she got a nice big bowl of cocoa puffs and toast. Lame. *rolls eyes* She said it was the thought that counted.

IM'd with kixxa for a while, that helped me relax after the night I had.

My oldest niece just came in and gave me a chrysanthemum (sp?) and told me happy mother's day and gave me a kiss. My brother's kids have always done this since they were old enough to understand what the day was. These are the kids I helped raise for years before I moved in with mom two years ago. It always makes me feel so damn good too.

Had some weird Farscape related dreams again. This time it was John and Scorpius, and eventually went to Braca of all people. But it gave me a great idea for the ficathon story so I'm working on it finally. Yay!Me! *snicker*

So not wanting to go to work tonight, but I have tomorrow off so I'll be cool.

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