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GYN appointment was sort of a no-go. Got to the appointment but found out that they'd screwed up with the scheduling. It appears that the ultrasound needs to be done before the biopsy, and the ultrasounds aren't done late in the afternoon (5:30pm) so I had to reschedule for the 24th (ultrasound immediately followed by the biopsy).

Ironically, I had been given permission to leave work an hour early so I wouldn't have to reschedule my appointment.

There are two plus sides to this waste of time: 1. I found out I've lost 11 lbs in the last two weeks. 2. I'd gotten to the appointment so early I'd stopped in at Wal-Mart and found a copy of Boondock Saints: All Saints Day (SQUEEEEE!) I'd so wanted to see this sequal in the theaters but it was only out in limited theater release.

While I was packing up files at work I had a 'funny idea' that doesn't really go for a story but it'd be interesting to see it played out anyway. Character that is suicidal but has hidden that aspect of himself from everyone he knows. So that when he goes to make plans to actually kill himself, he tries to find a way to keep anyone from knowing that it is suicide (doesn't want to hurt everyone more than what his death will already cause). Finally, he figures on using one of his own fears/nightmare/terrors as the way to do it (for example: he's afraid of the water, so he "accidentally" crashes his car so that it goes into a river).

*shrug* Just thought it was interesting.

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