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Happy Birthday to my furry baby boy!

I've never known positively the exact date of Yoda and Minnie's birth since dad never told me beyond that they were born almost on my grandpa's birthday. So I've always celebrated my furry baby boy's birthday as March 7th.

Yoda was a gift from my cousin to my dad after dad was diagnosed with cancer (my brother and mom bought Minnie a day later, I think), but after a few weeks dad realized that Yoda preferred my company to his and that his patience with taking care of a pet no longer existed. He gave Yoda to me and told me that he knew that I could give the puppy the proper love and attention that he deserved. I'm pretty sure that all of the pets that I've had in my life (that weren't strays I'd brought home) were given to me by my dad and so Yoda means a great deal to me beyond being my companion and snuggler, he's a tie to my dad even though he's gone.

There have been so many times that I've been down and Yoda will climb in my lap, plant his chin on me, do his little moan noise and make me smile.

And with that little note I'd like to welcome you all to Yoda's 5th Birthday Party! Bring your own furkids along, dog munchies and kitty kibble are over to the left, and bathroom facilities are to your right.

I figured I'd post a couple piccies of Then and Now. The first two were taken when he was about ten weeks old if I recall correctly.

The ears that sparked a legendary name!

Harley giving my baby a snuggle.

Now if that isn't a noble looking dog, I don't know what one is. ♥

I think this should have the caption: What are you doing with that frelling camera in my face...again?

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