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Just a little update about the temp job.

Things are going good if a little chaotic. This is the busiest office that I've ever worked in. It doesn't help that everyone in the building is in the process of packing for a huge move to another building. It also doesn't help that the woman who was supposed to show me the ropes last week couldn't due to the massive amounts of snow and her kids being out of school and they had no electricity.

Everyone is nice but if there was ever a time I didn't feel "normal" it was now. These people are like the cookie cut-out of PC normal that I've ever seen. It actually feels like I'm the one on an alien planet. LOL

This gig is supposed to last until the 19th when they're supposed to do the move and their permanent Admin Assistant is due to start in the office. I've also posted my resume to several jobs at the hospital that they're based out of, not counting my usual checks at night for new postings at career builders, local help-wanted sites, and craigslist.

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