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goddamn shitsucking viruses. After several days of trying to defeat one of those bastards after picking it up on an employment site, i had to admit defeat. it killed all my anti-virus programs and continually kept shutting down my computer whenever i tried to take steps to rip it out by the balls. so now little d is back to factory default. thankfully i had backed up my files. but it's going to take a bit to get things back to the way i like them and catch up on posts and stuff.

i started to freak after my computer shut down several times after i'd reformatted but since i've completed the widows updates, it's allowed me to install my anti-virus programs and defrag with no further shut downs. thank fuck.


one thing i want to do is that little snippet meme that's going on but i probably won't get to that until this weekend. too many things to catch up on dealing with trying to find work. plus i have to take yoda to an appt tomorrow to check out a bump on his ear that's gotten big too quickly in the last month. i also have my second gyn appt this thursday to do an ultrasound and a biopsy (its just a precaution to rule something out).


i saw some pictures of my niece, S, on her myspace page where she's kissing her boyfriend. i feel dirty now. i had to fight the urge to email to say 'don't do that!' LOL

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Tags: computer, health, personal, yoda

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