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27 January 2010 @ 09:20 pm
New Project for Ben?  
via Angie on Terra Firma:

There is a film in development based on the Lee Child novel "One Shot". The screenplay has been adapted by Josh Olsen. I have heard from a good source Mr. Child likes Ben for Jack Reacher, the main character. Paramount however wants "a name". Ben fans unite!

Here is my suggestion:http://benbrowder.net/benreacher.html LAScaper and Shester are on board so look for their ideas as well coming soon! Also use IMDB boards, Twitter (you can follow Action_John), Facebook, MySpace, LJ where ever you hangout to encourage people to let Paramount know Ben is Reacher!


So if you're a fan of Ben, get the word out and send in those post cards. The address for Paramount is at the address above.

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