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first doctor visit

Finally got my insurance cards and paid my new GP a visit for a physical last week. She sent me for some blood tests and aside from my cholesterol being one point too high, everything (thyroid, blood sugar, blood count, kidney function) came back normal.

I asked the doctor if she recommended any particular GYNs in the area and she said she'd have someone call from her office with a list under my insurance plan (which I can do just fine on my own since they don't require referrals). So tomorrow I'm going to go eeny-meeny-miney-moe and pick a doctor to go to in order to get checked out on that end of things. (yes, i do realize that was a very bad joke. *snerk*)

Emailed my mom with the news on the blood tests so she can shut up with diagnosing me with various diseases or condition after watching some medical show. Yeah, not going to happen. She's had too much practice with that to stop now.

In conclusion... yay! normal test results!

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