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Vidder Rec and Story Idea I Am So NOT doing

Have you all checked out ravenholdt's SG-1 vids? Until now they were streaming only, but she's just started adding a link for downloading. So if you're enjoying her stuff as much as I am, head on over there to download them. If you haven't had a chance to watch her vids, please do so. She's a terrific new vidder (new to me at least) and I think folks will enjoy her work.


Story I thought of a long time ago that I'm still not going to write (inspired by the 2001 homage at the end of PKWars):

- Harvey's "death" in front of the monolith in fact signified his own evolution from mere thought into a corporeal form...
- John held up baby D'Argo in front of the stars at the very end of the movie (i'm choosing to ignore the lion king idea), giving us Farscape's version of the Star Child (like in 2001)
- Little D is a new type of hybrid altogether, he has that gland inside him that allows him to create unrealized realities.
- Harvey knew the best way to shift realities back to their true course by the episode Different Destinations and John figured it out by Unrealized Realities.

If you haven't figured it out yet: Little D is actually Harvey and as he gets older the more his natural intuition for wormholes and reality manipulation increases. I have a feeling it causes conflict within him in the same way Talyn was conflicted in his nature - and bad things happen.

So now you see why I'm so not going to do this story. :D

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