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Night before last I found episodes of Misfits of Science over on Youtube and while watching the first episode there was one scene that reminded me of why the hell I fangirl'd over Johnny B (description from wiki: He was a rock and roll musician who was electrocuted on stage, thus giving him formidable electrical powers.). The scene is in the premiere episode where the Misfits are breaking into this high security area and they set off the alarms (of course) and the military baddies show up. Well the only person able to hold them off at the moment is Johnny B and he starts singing Johnny B. Goode and holds onto this high voltage thing and he starts sucking up the juice and then shooting lightning bolts at the army. (the scene i love is at about 5:20 in part 6 if you're curious to see it.)

Watching it now I just giggle at the cheesiness of 80's stuff but gawd I was grinning like a loon at that scene and loving every bit of it! I can see why I had saved all the tv-guide clippings of the show and constantly wrote 'I ♥ Johnny B' on my folders at school.

I still wish Misfits of Science had lasted a hell of a lot longer dangit, NBC killed it off way too soon.

One funny thing that I found about the show is that the guy who created Heroes wrote one of the episodes for the series.

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