Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

Okay, so I was wondering something...

As ivorygates and I were discussing Cameron Mitchell's characterization and the botched up job that TPTB gave it to us - an idea hit me. No, hey... don't run away. Come back here.

What if we had a Re-Write Season 9 and 10 ficathon? Each participant would claim an episode and re-write it the way it should have been. We would still end up with the same results but they'd be done right.

While I'm still thinking through some of the details, I was figuring each story could be at least 5,000 words, not due until September (so everyone will have plenty of time with their schedules), a comm would be created so those participating could post whatever changes they've decided on with characterization/canon/plot so that the person writing the episode following theirs could (if they chose) take them into account when remixing their own episodes...

Poll #1509212 Re-Write Ficathon

Are you interested in a Re-Write Ficathon?

Maybe, I have to check my schedule.
You're out of your flippin' mind

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Tags: fic challenge, ficathon, poll, sg-1

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