Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

mmmm...ficcy chocolate

I found through my meanderings amongst old Daniel-centric fic this epic little gem. I haven't been able to stop reading it since I started yesterday.

The Conspiracy Series by Tiv'ester

I'm still on the final part but I have to say that the entire thing hits so many of my little fic kinks that I have to share.

It has OCs that I like (and hate when its the baddies), Daniel getting whumped, Daniel kicking ass, and despite all the weird changes that happen throughout the series - the characters are still true to themselves (at least I think so).

It says on that main page that there's a 4th story but I guess it's never been completed because the date on the 3rd part is 2001. *iz sad* If anyone knows if the 4th part has been completed and can tell me where it's available I'd greatly appreciate it (meaning I'd give you a big sloppy KISS).

Also, if anyone is already familiar with this story and know of any other fics like this, could you be so kind as to leave me a link?

ETA: Best line EVER: "There's no way, Sam. Forget it. I'll do a lot of things. I've done a lot of things. I've fought and died. I've walked right into firefights, but there is no way I'm giving up coffee. There are some sacrifices I just won't make."

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