Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

End of the Year Fannish Memes

I'm combining the yearly fic and vid memes into one post this year. Hopefully I'll be able to add one more story to this list before the end of New Years.


Farscape/SG-1 Fic:
Sweet Ride - Written for [personal profile] synecdochic's "101 Times JD Nielson Hitched A Ride ..." challenge. Set during Terra Firma. John Crichton and JD
Pizza and Farscape Should Come with Warning Labels - Crackfic that I was the innocent victim of peer pressure and forced to write.
Angels in the Electric Chair - Date Night - Co-Written with [personal profile] ivorygates. AU for the end of Season 4 of Farscape and Ivory's Waterloo Bridge. This is just one section of a much larger story that will be posted in the future.(So totally NC-17)

SG-1 Fic:
Soldiers (At Arms) - Amnesty fic of sorts. I really do want to finish this story just because I like the background I have in my head for Netan and Kefflan. Plus, how the entire story plays out for Cam and Teal'c eventually.
Follow the Word - AU after Dominion. Cameron, Adria
Kisses and Tells - Written for SG-1 Five Things. Cam/Teal'c
the sheep flies sideways at midnight Birthday fic written for [personal profile] ivorygates Dani'verse
repetitive motion Cam in Unending

(Too True - Cammie'Verse) - Cammie only likes to talk to me once in a while for this universe and out of order in how things play out, but I've linked them here in the sequence in which they need to be read. (NSFW)
Little Girl Lost
Too True
Wake Me Up

Untitled (Stark/Zhaan)
neon distraction (the hour is getting late) - Post PK Wars but no spoilers for it.
Outside in the Distance (Aeryn's POV of Neon Distraction)
Karaoke Soul - Co-Written with [personal profile] kernezelda and [personal profile] rainer76. (NC-17)

I'm actually surprised by how little I've posted this year considering how much I have written (most of which is in the editing stage). Shall do better in 2010 ('specially with the pron).


Careening (re-edit)
Like Lovers Do
John the Revelator (Son House version)
John the Revelator (new cover)

Superstar - Spoilers for Ark of Truth. Cam vs. Merrick
Chosen Path - Spoilers for Ark of Truth. Cam vs. Merrick

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