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*popping advil to ease the pain*

I don't usually put emails that I get up on this thing (unless it's jokes), but this is a good one. I received an email from Periapt last night because I had thanked him for his comments on Next Step over on Kansas. I had said: the idea of Harvey eventually becoming John over time is really interesting. Would he succumb to the morals and ideas streaming from John's memories? It's hard to say because he does have Scorpius' personality too. Also, you have to take into consideration that he is actually Harvey 2.0 and so 'programmed' to remain loyal to him and his ideas. It would be interesting to see how that would play out.

His response was pretty interesting.
H-2.0 may have Scorpy's personality but he doesn't have all of his memories. On the other hand ALL of John's memories-- the sum total of his life experiences are intact and accessible. This may even include conditioned reflexes like how to ride a bike or hit a baseball, or what tastes good and what does not.

H-2.0 is no longer an intruder, unwanted by the host. He's inherited the place... and a sense of responsibility to the former occupant to do right by him.

H-2.0 exists within a human brain as an artificially programmed personality, but human brains are re-programmable by the same means that they are normally programmed-- repetition of input and desired actions/responses. This is how children learn manners, values, beliefs, etc.

Harvey intends to keep his identity secret from everyone except Scorpius. This means he will have to make use of every scrap of "John stuff" available to him to make sure he plays the roll faultlessly, 24-7. The nature of brain physiology will insure that the better he plays the roll, the more the boundary between acting and being will blur. I don't see him becoming John; he values to many aspects of the Scorpius personality to let them go unused. But he will likely become a third, composite personality drawing on the strengths of the original John and Scorpius, and with his own unique goals. I suspect the overwhelming preponderance of "John Stuff" will make him more like John than Scorpius. I also think he will find that being "John" is more attractive to him than being Scorpius' lackey.

As far as his loyalty to Scorpius, the detailed knowledge he now possesses about John's experiences with "Einstein" and the hideous dangers posed by Unrealized Realities may convince him that the best way to discharge his responsibilities towards Scorpius is to refuse to give him any information. Moreover, once Harvey has taken control of himself, Scorpius may be unable to regain that control.

This composite person could be a truly formidable individual, with the potential to become one of the greatest leaders, or greatest tyrants of all time. It all depends... is Harvey tin, or arsenic?

Wouldn't you like to know?
I would

Then scorpy808 had to go and ask me 'what happened to John then? Did he just disappear?'

Ack! Doesn't that fall into the whole 'what is the soul' bit? Is it the consciousness or a separate entity? I didn't know that this little ficlet would cause all of that now. hehe

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