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Happy Holidays (& Bunnies)

I've had a couple more cool dreams but these were (almost) entirely Stargate related. One was with Daniel and Sha're still on Abydos, the only thing is Aeryn from Farscape was also there along with Zoe from Firefly. At one point Sha're tried to jump into the vortex of a forming wormhole within the Stargate in order to (somehow) help fight the baddies that were on the planet. I can't remember too much of that particular dream.

The other dream is where Daniel (from the series) had been snaked by Ra at some point before Ra's ship was blown by the nuke Jack had brought with them. So I keep seeing Daniel moving like Ra does. It's very troubling and it's also given me a teeny idea for a story that I so don't want to write. But I'm putting the idea down here as a reminder... just in case.

Daniel/Ra doesn't stay on Abydos with Sha're. In fact, when Ra transferred himself into Daniel's body he either had an underlord (that we didn't see of course) on the ship and put it into Shar're. Either that or had a symbiot from one his Jaffa implanted into her. He's intrigued by the humans that are now controlling Earth and going on the information he gains from Daniel, knows that they will be a force to either destroy and gain control of in some fashion. But he needs someone to keep things in check on Abydos and so he leaves behind a Goa'uld'd Shar're to control his interests on the planet in case word gets back to the other System Lords that his ship was destroyed by mere humans.

He convinces Jack to not hide the fact that the Stargate isn't destroyed. In fact, they go back saying that since they destroyed the only possible threat to Earth that they should keep it open for study. On another trip to Abydos "discovering" the room with all of the stargate addresses. While also on Earth, Ra uses Daniel's knowledge of history and his of where he and other Gou'ald hid things of power/technology and starts to slowly build up his strength on Earth. Either by seating himself as a resource for the newly formed SGC or just by finding ways to stealing these pieces of tech off for himself.

Now the Gou'ald inside Sha're could probably make its own play for power because it knows where the Eye of Ra is hidden on Abydos and it has quicker access to the naquadaah on Abydos (obviously) and goes to some of Ra's strongholds and building its own forces and conniving with the System Lords to try and take out Ra and Earth.

And I can picture (since the folks at the SGC) only know Daniel about two weeks at the start of all this, as time goes by Daniel stops being 'Daniel-like' and his body movements become more as we saw Ra in the movie. Honestly.. that image can STOP any freaking time now cause damn that is hawt.

Oh, and if anyone would like to write this SO I DON'T HAVE TO feel free to play.

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