Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

tea for two please

Came home last night from work and had a blast joking around with simplystars,kernezelda, and oneeyethedrd. It really made a insane night a hell of a lot better. Just to summerize how it was...the girl that I was supposed to work with called out, and I had to run the store by myself. Yikes! I wish I could say I handled it wonderfully, but I got a little stressed because well...I was by myself during the after work rush!!

Okay, enough of the whining. You guys need to check out this video by Babyzookie, he's new, but I think you'll like it. The vid is on a temporary site right now and its only going to be up for a couple more days, but check out Johnny Are You Queer. The song is from the movie Valley Girl.


I had some interesting replies to the ficlet over on Kansas. One in particular has me thinking. If Harvey was the sole possessor of John's memories, would he become more like John over the years? Or would his programming from Scorpius prevent that from ever happening?

On a side note of that, it was nice to see the cries of evil beside my name again. I missed it. hehe

Took the little writer quiz deal. For some reason I'm surprised by this. *g* Not!
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