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Dreams are strange beasts aren't they? They allow you to work out problems and fears one night, the next offer you a kaleidoscope of visions that you couldn't have thought up in a million years but it makes so much sense at the time. Case in point, Lance Hendrikson and Rob Schneider in a dream or dreams rather in the same

A lot of things happened in the dream with Hendrikson (his name is Bobby in the dream), riding a motorcycle with some kind of hopped up fuel in it. What's weird is the catalyst that made the gas work harder...faster could also be drank. If too much was drank it could kill you. Most of it happened in an upstairs apartment, then it switched to a cabin out in the woods beside a river. I'm standing there with him and I ask him "You came to kill me. Didn't you?"

"Yes, but I haven't found the catalyst yet." Bobby puts his hand on my shoulder at that point and stares at me. "If you don't give it to me, a lot worse men than me are going to come. You don't want that."

I hear a noise and look toward the cabin and there are a line of men standing there beside it. Yellow dusters slightly flapping in the breeze that has started blowing. They all pull out high caliber rifles and begin shooting at us. We're both hit and fall into the water which suddenly explodes in fire. Somehow, the area we land isn't on fire yet. It hurts like a bitch though. I think I'm hit in my right shoulder and side, it's hard to tell because everything hurts at this point. I see Bobby floating face down in the water and I grab him and flip him over.

I pull him under part of this old dock that we haven't used in years and I can hear these other men walking down the trail towards us. I don't know how I can hear them over the flames crackling but I do. Once at the edge of the water, they start shooting into it. I think to make sure we're both dead. Bobby is starting to moan and I put my hand over his mouth to shut him up. The only thing sticking out of the water is our heads and I use my free hand to rip off a part of my shirt. Holding it up slightly to see by the fire light, I make sure there is blood on it and I let it go floating off in the water. I guess these guys see it, and for some dame reason they fall for it and leave.

I pull Bobby back onto the riverbank and look up at the sky and watch as stars jump back and forth or at least look that way to me as I start to pass out from losing blood.

That's when the dream switched to the Rob Schnieder one. For some reason he's put in charge of flying a shuttle to a resort after some something happens to the pilot mid-flight.

Just have to say, I need to remember more of the Hendrikson dream, it was really damn cool.
Tags: dream

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