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Part one of the Mission from God is completed. [info - personal] grammarwoman was the first person at the mic for Ben's Stargate panel and asked him a question for me, and she had me on the phone at the time! *flail*

The question was: Since you're a science fiction fan, who are your favorite authors and are there any that you find are instrumental or inspirational in your writing today?

The phone signal kept futzing in and out since she was in the convention ballroom so I couldn't hear all of his answer but I did get to hear him say Iain Banks as being one of his favorites. Also something about going on a trip everyone has a book in hand and reading. He also told everyone that when they leave the convention to stop in the airport bookstore and buy a science fiction novel.

ETA: The other favorite author of Ben's is Neal Stephenson.

God bless his geeky heart. ♥

The phone died shortly after that so if he'd said more I didn't hear it. I'm sure that [info - personal] grammarwoman will fill us in on what else he'd said.

and technically my record as being the first person to ask him a question at a panel still holds (fifth year) despite it was on his Stargate panel. at least in my world. ;)

Now the next leg of the mission is to give him the birthday prezzie and card...

[info - personal] grammarwoman is freaking AWESOME!

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