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*wishes I had arms big enough to hug all of fandom at the same time*

I'd like to thank everyone that sent in donations to help out my brother's family, your generosity is going to help them in so many ways. T and (Big)A wanted me to tell to you all Thank You and you, along with the help from the hospital, has actually helped restore their faith in people.

They received an extra big shock this past week when the doctor said that October's levels had dropped to normal and they could actually take her home. She's on a heart monitor -- which means they've had to pay to put in a landline phone -- and (big)A had to take her in daily for follow ups. They've now been told that since things are staying consistent the visits don't have to be as frequent. The doctor estimates October will be on the monitor anywhere from 3-6 months. But she's now home and being appropriately loved upon by her mommy and daddy (as well as her brother and sisters). I think HD has forgiven T and (big)A for not giving him a brother after all. ;)

I don't know what else to say but thank you, thank you, and thank you again (I don't think I could ever say it enough). You are all so awesome even during these rough times that everyone is having.

Now time for some gratuitous baby pictures of October that were taken before she left the hospital. (turns out that the nurses in the NICU nicknamed the girl "Spike" during her stay. Guess what nick she's going to be stuck with for life from me… *giggle*)

October in Pink 7

October in Pink 4

October in Pink 3

I have to say that I will never get tired of seeing photos of
my brother with his babies. It completely makes me melt.
October in Pink with T

October in pink1

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