Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

Brain matter is so much goo

I feel like my brain has slapped with lunch meat and thrown into a wolverine pit. I do not think running on as little as 6 hours sleep in a 72 hour period is a good thing. Makes the little evil thoughts manifest themselves easier. Especially at work.
Why in the FUCK are stupid people are allowed to breed!! I'm mean shit, all I ask these morons 'what are your symptoms at this current time', emphasis on CURRENT! They try and tell me about the mole they had on thier ass in 1982. Current! Current! Current! Yes..I now I sound like a little brat, but after listening to this crap for 5 hours and knowing it's going to continue for the next 3....you get a little irritable and pissed.
But I did have fun...I took extreme pleasure telling a bitch I wouldn't page her doctor for her. She kept on and on about how the doctor said she could call for her Rx after hours. While the guy has instructions saying to NEVER take messages for this...they have to call back in the morning. The bitch kept screaming at me and cussing me...so I just repeated 'several' times...I'm not paging the doctor. hehe. Her final words of infinite wisdom...'Kiss my ass!' Some days...I really do like my job. That was almost as fun when I used to card assholes for cigs or beer when I worked the convenience store.

Okay end of rant on uselessness or idiots.

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