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Family Update

I talked to my brother and things were looking good for October until yesterday. She's gone from her birth weight of 5 lbs. 6 oz down to 4 lbs because she's having trouble eating. She keeps forgetting to breathe when attempting to eat - if she suckles - and if she doesn't start eating without almost suffocating herself they're going to insert a feeding tube. She's become more jaundiced, I believe he said at 19% rate. They've put her back in the incubator under ultraviolet lights (he said they were blue/purple lights, so I'm assuming ultraviolet).

He'd sounded so damn freaked and worried over what's happening I went ahead and told him about the amazing people that have sent in donations so far and he and (Big)A were overwhelmed. T. said he didn't think folks were like that anymore and he asked me to pass on his thanks (he was almost speechless at this point and (Big)A was in tears after she heard) and to let you know that you just don't realize what this means to them.

Thank you from me for giving them a lit candle in this dark time. ♥

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