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Asking a favor for Family

Yesterday I announced the birth of my niece October Love Dean. I asked for prayers because she was born premature and her lungs hadn't inflated yet, and I’m proud and humbled by how many of you responded to that.

But I’ve talked to my brother since then, and now I'm asking for something a little more concrete. Recently my brother and his girlfriend moved to northern Florida for a fresh start. They thought they were moving somewhere that Bro would have a job, and they’d have a decent home. Well the job fell through, the apartment was a wreck that didn’t have heat, windows, or a Certificate of Occupancy, and it took T. a month to find anything at all, and what that “anything” is, is day labor. He’s only making enough to put food on the table, not buy anything else. They thought they’d have more time before October showed up. They didn’t. They don’t even have medical coverage, and while October is off the ventilator now, she's going to be in ICU for a long time.

If I had a job, I’d send him all I could in order to help, but I’m not working yet either. The only thing I could think of to do was to pass the hat. I haven’t told him I’m doing this, and I know money’s tight for everyone, and the Holiday Season’s coming, and believe me, your prayers and good wishes are deeply appreciated. But I don’t know what else to do, so I’m asking for your help. My PayPal address is kazbaby13@yahoo.com. It goes without saying that every cent will go to them. Just let me know whether you want to include your name (fannish or otherwise) when I send it to them.

Thanks for listening.

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