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After 13 years I'm going to have health insurance (this includes dental care)! I should actually be getting my cards within the next week or so.

One of the companies at the Job Fair I visited a few weeks ago was also offering people the opportunity to sign up with them - for free. This insurance is state sponsored and completely income based. (they were the only ones that were also offering jobs as well as pimping their insurance.)

I mentioned it to my mom last week and she said (and god I love this woman for never giving up the opportunity to do the mommy harping): 'get your ass to the ob-gyn'. Which I do plan on doing. One thing I also realized after thinking about it: I have never had a complete physical, not even when I had insurance through the carpet mill in Georgia. I actually try and forget about the ob-gyn I had back then because he was worse than worthless when I needed his help.

But I have had too many funky things with me physically over the years not to get it all done ASAP now that I'll have the ability to get things checked out. Mostly I want to find out why my monthly cycle is so goddamn out of whack. Honestly, it frightens me at times and I do not like that one single bit. And I'm doing my damnedest not to allow my imagination to run hog-wild out of fear of what might be. (I'm sure [info - personal] ivorygates will smack sense into me if I try and work myself into a freakout.)

One other thing that I'm going to doing is definitely visiting the dentist and get things taken care of there. I guess I should say 'yay!' at that point, right? LOL

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