Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

Farscape Fic: Untitled

Note: I'm pretty sure this is mine. I'd found it in an obscurely titled text file and I honestly have no idea what I was going for with it. So consider this a little amnesty piece for Stark/Zhaan.


Her door was unlocked and open for him and she allowed him to enter. His steps tentative, unsure and she reached out her hand in reassurance. The touch is cool and sends a tingle of anticipation through his entire body. Her fingers intertwine with his. His heart leaps in his chest, feels her - her spirit - meeting his. They need no words.

He kneels before her, head resting against the inner flesh of her thigh and they take comfort in each others presence.

It's the first time in cycles that he's known the peace that a lover can bring him. The peace is something he's always longed for. A place that in his heart is now home.

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Tags: amnestyfic, farscape, fic

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