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Farscape Vid: John the Revelator (new cover)

Note: Remember I'd mentioned falling in love with the cover of John the Revelator on the season one finale of Sons of Anarchy? I couldn't help myself when I finally was able to get a clean copy and put it in the project file for JtR. Now this is pretty much the same video, there's just some minor differences in some clip placement and coloring. If you downloaded the original version you'll also notice that this time the song's placement in the timeline is much earlier, that's because once I saw how it changed the entire feeling/message of the video I got a chill shoot right through me and I had to keep it like that. Hopefully you'll see what I mean. :D
Music: Curtis Stiger & The Forest Rangers
Spoilers: Through Season 4 and Peacekeeper Wars
Character: John Crichton
Links: My Website | MediaFire

I hope you all enjoy this as much as I do and for those not familiar with how I vid, please keep in mind that I'm not asking for a technical critique. I simply enjoy knowing how the video affects you. Sounds cheesy I know, but I like to know my warm fuzzies are shared. :)

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