Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,


there's a smell in the air, biting. you can feel the energy starting to churn all around and you look down, see everyone you know being shuffled about. you're riding atop of a whirlwind and despite the swirls and commotion on the ground you feel calm as ride on high.

*dream switches*

i'm taking photographs of a storm coming in over a swamp and suddenly rockne o'bannon is there and he agrees that the storm is photograph worthy and says he'll be right back after grabbing his own camera.


that's when i woke up. i've had some wicked dreams the last few days (including having jim carrey writing religious orchestral music, which would not go away after i woke up) but having farscape's creator pay me a visit in my dreams is a new one. lol though i am still trying to figure out if the riding on top of a tornado is farscape or wizard of oz related.

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Tags: dream, farscape

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