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Farscape fic: Letting Go

Author's Notes: Apparently I never posted this story on my journal back in 2004, I'd "found" it while trying to update fic pages on my website. Written after being inspired from watching a music video. No betas were harmed.
Spoilers: Die Me Dichotomy
Disclaimer: Not mine...If it was, we'd have a Farscape Channel.

Letting Go

The glass is broken, the pieces soon to be discarded and thrown away.

His knuckles are bloody from the destruction, but he doesn't feel them...not really. Yet still he saw his reflection.

Thoughts...feelings are nothing but pain. Those he felt while the other reveled.

He wants it to stop. He wants the laughter to stop. He wants his own voice to stop telling him over and over that he should have saved Scorpius.

But there was a way now. A way to stop the pain - to stop the voice berating him constantly. Never giving him even a chance to really sleep. There was a chance now, and he is so very tired. How can he stop it all?

She doesn't see Scorpius, no one can see him. Not like he can. He can feel the other reaching out to ease the pain, to make it all go away. For - once - in a
long time he felt peace. But only if he lets go...

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Tags: farscape, fic

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