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local job fair

I went to my first Job Fair today ([info - personal] ivorygates was her usual awesome self and accompanied me for moral support), I know what I'd expected to find (wall-to-wall hopefuls clamoring in front of tables) and there was definitely that. It was claustrophobic and surprisingly tension free (at least for me. okay, I was nervous as hell but I was still tension free.). But I was dressed to the nines in a spiffy business suit and a hundred copies of my resume to hand out.

I gave out six.

When asked if I could leave my resume with (whatever) company, the stock answer was to just go to their website and leave my information there. And about a third of the tables there were not even present to offer employment but to sell people (unemployed people) their wares, mostly health insurance. They really need to look up the definition of "Tacky".

It was a very disappointing experience. Time to press on. I have an interview with a staffing agency in the morning and a potential part-time job through another one on the horizon (if they like my resume when Manpower sends it to them) and hopefully I'll have decent work in the near future.

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