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Life is too complicated sometimes to measure. We all know that. And most of us accept it; hopefully with a modicum of grace because we understand that complications arise at any given time.

I don't think I'd mentioned it that just before I moved to New York the family found out that M was pregnant, apparently just before her boyfriend moved to another state. She was going through some other health problems that made taking her birth control pills pretty much useless and she'd cut J off and then he moved (family issues of his own).

Needless to say that my brother and ex-SiL were not happy at the idea of becoming grandparents at the age of 34. But M was planning on keeping the baby and going to finish school this year and then go to nursing school (I have no idea what J's thoughts were on becoming a teenage father, I haven't had a chance to ask M about that.)

Well, tonight I got an email from my mom saying that because of an RH factor in M, she lost the baby and is in the hospital going through the final stages of a miscarriage. Something that if her mother had taken her to the doctor for a prenatal check-up could have been prevented with a simple shot. There is a special special hell for my ex-SiL and I sincerely wish I could beat the ever-loving fuck out of her.

While I did not want M to have a child this early in life (in fact I would have bet money at one point that she'd be the one of the girls 'less likely to'), I most certainly did not want her to go through the kind of pain that comes with losing a baby.

M will always be my baby girl and I would have gladly have done anything to spare her from this one bit of pain. She's seen and done too much and too soon in life to have this as well and unfortunately, my baby girl knows that life is damn fucking complicated.

I'm disabling comments but I'd appreciate it folks will send some good vibes her way, she's going to need them.
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