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Farscape Fic Rec! Put all tray tables in their upright postion and prepare for a bumpy ride...

A story that I love being a part of, despite how dark and scary it gets, has finally been posted over on kernezelda's LJ. NC-17 and not really for the faint of heart (but I trust you folks are brave enough to give it a go, right?). If you've seen my video Rift... this is the Dark Fic O Doom it's dedicated to (and inspired by). I'd also like to thank Kerne and Rainer for writing this story because I learned a great deal from the entire experience.

By Rainer76, Kernezelda and Kazbaby
Thanks to gigerisgod for beta. All remaining mistakes are ours.
Authors' notes: This follows Rainer's Track T Variant and my addition, Rainer76's The Track T Variant - Extension. Those spin off from Rainer’s Switchback series, Switchback, Sideways, A Step to the Left, Endgame.
Brief AU premise of series: Multiple realities include John Crichtons; twenty cycles after the violent death of the first, another is found in Earth’s past – and retrieved by Commandant Grayza.
Karaoke Soul occurs about a cycle later.
WARNINGS: Torture, blood, depression, violence against adults and children, coercion, dubious consent, non-consent, sexual violence, emotional torture, sexual torture, despair, psychological manipulation, suicidal thoughts, homicidal urges, murder, death.
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 103,970+
Disclaimer: Farscape does not belong to us.
Additional note: It started out as porn for Kaz, but plot intruded.

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