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It's a girl, a boy and a boy.

Last night ivorygates announced for me that Minnie had her puppies. This was Minnie's last litter (positively this time since Yoda has been fixed and Minnie should be as soon as she's done nursing) and she did it with a bang by having three babies. In my bed no less and despite having set up a nice little birth area for her. Little wench, but she's a tough little momma and knows where she's comfortable.

The little girl (we're calling her Corey) was black like Yoda but she passed away after only a few hours after putting up a good fight. I just don't think she had a real chance since she was born out of the birthbag around her and the umbilical cord wouldn't stop bleeding. Roberre (he's got Minnie's brown and white markings) and Harvey (black and white) are doing great at home with Minnie. Corey and Roberre arrived pretty quickly of one another but it took Harvey another hour or so to join the party and came while me and Ivory's backs were turned (which is one reason why he got his name). Roberre got his name because I'm a goofball and I joked around calling him Billy Bob for a little while and he looks more like a Roberre to me. ;)

Since I don't have a regular camera any longer, I'll try and get some shots with my webcam and post them tomorrow.
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