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I've arrived!

Actually I arrived last night safe and sound after fighting traffic and dealing with a sunlight induced migraine before hitting the New Jersey Turnpike and a hellacious storm going through the Catskills in which I probably pissed off a great many people for only going 30 in a 65 due NOT BEING ABLE TO SEE OUT THE WINDSHIELD. I do believe the words 'Son of a Goat Fucking Whore' were uttered as I was trying to leave NYC after almost being run down by a tour bus and a honda within five minutes of each other as I attempted to get onto I-87.

But Minnie and Yoda are okay, they're nestled into their new home and trying to acclimate and Yoda is being stubborn and peeing on things. *glares at him for making me look bad*.

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Tags: getting out of dodge, personal, squee!

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