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remixredux09 fic rec and ficathon pimp!

I know this story was done for astrogirl2 but the story that was remixed was the one she'd written for me a long time ago in a galaxy far far away so I have so much joy over this story it hurts. *bouncebounce*

One Red Thread (The Circle of Life Remix) (Farscape; Braca; Scorpius; OC)

bluflamingo being the wonderful little fic bunny that she is has made things right in the universe by hosting the First Annual Cam Trope Ficathon!

What is it?
As kazbaby pointed out, poor Cam, coming late to the SG1 party, is sadly lacking in fic about him as a slave. Or with wings. Or being forced to have sex or die. Or any number of other cliches or tropes with which fic about the seasons 1-8 cast is littered.

A state of affairs which can hardly be allowed to continue (and which, yes, does apply just as well to Vala, come on, you know you want to run the Vala mal 'Doran Trope Ficathon).

And so the Cam Mitchell Trope Ficathon was born.

[info - community] cm_tropefic / [info]cm_tropefic
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