Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

Remakes of some of my fav Horror Flicks

Friday the 13th... meh. There are some clever changes but it's kinda forgettable. Though Jared Padalecki's character was pretty and pretty cool in it.

Now Rob Zombie's remake of Halloween. Ah... now that's the way to remake a Horror Classic. I highly freaking approve. It was also awesome to get more of Micheal Meyers backstory in it. Though I will say no one can play the character of Laurie Strode like Jamie Lee Curtis; don't worry - new girl wasn't bad at all.

(bonus points for having Mickey Dolenz from the Monkees as the gunshop owner! awesome!)

Me and M are going to try and get at least one more horror flick out of the way before I leave tomorrow. Next up My Bloody Valentine! :D I wasn't going to watch it but M said she'd seen it in the theater and it meets with her approval. There is only one person I will take their opinion of a Horror flick at face value and that is my darling M.

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Tags: horror, m, movie

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