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Tropes and clichés!

Inspired by my previous post about needing Cam slave!fic.

To help bluflamingo in case she does indeed decide to run a Cameron Mitchell ficathon we should list all of the fic tropes that poor Cam has missed out on.

- Slave
- Disabled
- Amnesia
- Psychic bond
- Telepathic

I know I don't know all the tropes, what are the rest?

ETA: These were contributed by the awesome folks in the comments. If there are others go ahead and comment with them and I'll add them to this list:

- Going through the Quantum Mirror causing them to Do Teh Sexxor for some reason.
- Being framed for some infraction, by enemies, and everyone believes it.
- Being framed for some infraction as a loyalty test from the SGC.
- Being captured and non-conned [on Earth] by an old enemy.
- Genderflip: Cam who's always been male is suddenly turned into a woman.
- Cam possessed by random alien of your choice
- Mpreg
- For some reason Cam either loses or begins to lose his faculties [not amnesia] or abilities.
- Muteness.
- Rapid aging/de-aging [not involving cloning].
- Apocafic: Cam and [insert name of hunk here] are the only survivors of Earth's destruction [set on Earth or an alien planet].
- Marooned with [insert name of hunk here] on an alien planet, not expecting rescue.
- Prostitution
- Physical bond to go with the psychic bond! I mean something like the Goa'uld bracelets Vala used in "Avalon". Or heck, handcuffs. You can never go wrong with handcuffs.
- Historical AUs: e.g. Cam is a nobleman in revolutionary France and Daniel is the Scarlet Pimpernel.
- Sex with an Unas!
- Cam or his lover gets snaked.
- Alien Aphrodisiacs
- High fever with resulting loss of inhibition.
- Bodyswap
- Cabin fic.
- Jammies fic. Flannel, footie, strange desings...
- Corporal punishment: giving or receiving a spanking in lieu of official disciplinary action.
- Crossover fic: Cam meets other characters Ben Browder has played, or Cam meets other characters the other actors in Stargate: SG-1 play or have played. Example: Cam meets the living starship Andromeda, and there's something oddly familiar about the AI's projection...

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