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Shipping in Farscape

I posted this in response to a thread about shipping characters on Farscape this morning on TF:

I haven't read anyone else's comments just so I'm not biased in my answer one way or another.

I never "shipped" anyone consciously in a show until Farscape because I never bothered to follow character arcs. To me the characters just were, that's it.

Then I came across this group of characters and saw how they interacted together and one-on-one. I saw real give and take, both good and bad. So I define a ship by how realistic they interact.

I ship John and Aeryn because I want that kind of love and devotion with all of the screw ups and growth that comes with it. I ship John and Scorpius because they are adversaries and equals and smart and they both know that they are tied together no matter how much the other hates the idea. I ship D'Argo and Chiana because it is young love, immature and we watch it grow into something adult and beautiful and just as awesome as John and Aeryn's relationship. I ship Stark and Zhaan because they've seen much more than they should and have found a piece of themselves that they never thought they'd be worthy to find and they belong to one another. I ship Scorpius and Sikozu because they simply are, they've found someone with whom that can understand their side and the atrocities they've survived. One last ship: Moya and her entire crew. They fight and die for one another, love and hate at varying instances and are a family. The entire ship is a 'ship'.

To me love is just one aspect of the whole shebang between two or more people.

(I apologize if I haven't adequately put into words for each of these pairings and what they mean to me. need more coffee.)

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