Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

Farscape Fic: Outside in the Distance

Note: This was the first answer I came up with to ivorygates' response to my meme post, but then I realized I'd only shifted the POV to Aeryn's in, neon distraction (the hour is getting late), and had to re-write it. I kept this instead of throwing it away and decided to post it. Thank you again, Ivory for giving this a look-see.
Rating: G
Setting: Post Peacekeeper Wars

Outside in the Distance

She watched you slowly change; it was as slow and inevitable as the ticking of the clock (the death of a star). Holding your hand until the last moment, she saw your eyes fill with wormholes until you were gone - pulled under by the riptide.

In the beginning she believed, forlorn faith that ended as the dark eclipsed the future, that she could stop it, attempting to knock you back (away) but there was always just one thing that could offer your devotion resistance just as surely as she could.

Numbers are tangible and infuriating and unforgiving in their truth. And she lost.

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Tags: farscape, fic

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