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PSA from your friendly neighborhood Spiderman...*cough* I meant Kaz. :D

If you haven't signed up yet, please to be heading over to vid_commentary and adopt a vidder. *bats eyelashes in the most cutest way possible in the history of the universe*

Also don't forget that it's Praise Your Favorite Fic Writer Week. Share the lurve that they've shared with you. (also if you all could spread the word on your journals, that would be terrific!)

Couple other reminders for folks, novels have started to come in for stargate_summer so don't forget to drop in over there and check out the stories and their phenomenal artwork.

And if you happen to have an idea for a story and you have too much on your to-do list, you don't write, or even if you're just in need of an idea to spark something in your head, drop on by [info - community]bunny_support .
Tags: bunny supprt, fanart, fic rec, praise your favorite fic writer week, stargate summer, vidder_news

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