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There is nothing worse in the world than a four and a two year old coming up to you and tell you that their puppy is missing and they can't find her anywhere. They want you to fix it and you just can't.

Cleo must have slipped out the door at my brother's house when one of the girl's opened it. Usually Cleo doesn't leave the yard and comes right over here, but here lately she's started trying to follow cars and we have a bad feeling she followed someone last night and was picked up. :(

eta: I just realized that HD is going to be freaking devastated if we can't find her (he's currently on a trip to the Smokey Mountains with his church). I'm making up a Missing flyer for the kids to put up. Hopefully it was someone local that got her and will bring her home. I know most of the homes around here are used to the kids hunting down Minnie and Yoda when they get out.

eta2: I am now officially a sloppy mess after looking my photos of Cleo for the right ones to use and hitting her baby pictures, like this one. But I have the flyer finished. *grabs more tissues*
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