Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

Farscape Fic: A Light in the Dark

Author's Note:
Insta!fic. Just a little drabble. As I told thehallway, that seems to be all that I'm comfortable writing on the last several months.

A Light In The Dark

He couldn't see in the dark. A dark so deep, even as white light rippled through, it was absorbed. He wanted to speak out, to shout, to break up the darkness and the silence that surrounded him.

Once upon a time he didn't want to be here. He was an aberration cast within a sea of supposed normalcy, but now that time was gone. He belonged here. He was a part of the equation that made up the life aboard this Leviathan. Even though, for a short time he was gone. He knew he had been missed.

He knew. He knows what it is like to be alone. The only company really to be had were memories. Memories that can easily be distorted by time and impatience. But patience must be found and coveted. Patience was all he had in the time to come. His path is clear now. He can see through the dark that tries to infiltrate his very being and make it it's own. One false step and all will be lost, and he cannot survive that again. He had fought for too long what he had gained. His very life - existence - depends on it. Distorted memories -- thoughts over time can be a blessing in disguise he has learned. He can take advantage of this, and he will. Soon Crichton will come to think as he does, and be able to see through the dark and know. Know as he does, thanks to Scorpius', that the Peacekeepers are the only ones on the correct path.

Tags: farscape, fic

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