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Praise Your Favorite Fic Writer Week

I've seen these things on occasion over the past couple years but not in quite a while. Things have been tough and little chaotic for everyone here lately and I think a little praise pointed in the direction of the wonderful people that offer fandom a distraction from RL, even for just a few minutes each day, will help each of us feel a little bit better and put a smile on someone's face.

So until next Sunday, if you're so inclined, take a minute to say something nice about one of your favorite fic writers and say why you enjoy their work.

As if this is any shock at all, I'm going to choose ivorygates to dish out some praise to.

The first story I read of hers was How Strait The Gate. Only I didn't know it was her at the time. I read that story and it pissed me off so damn much. I ranted complained for a couple days to friends: 'How could she do this?!!! How could she make Daniel be this way, dammit!!'

Cut to a few weeks later and I started reading Waterloo Bridge and talking to Ivory on IM. It didn't hit me for a long time that she was the one who wrote How Strait The Gate and when I did I let her know exactly how it made me feel. I'd never had a story evoke such a strong reaction in me in a long time. But what's funny is that it's not just that story. Each one of her fics has nailed me against the wall in a variety of ways. They make me feel, the descriptions she uses to re-create the stargate universe so easily in my head takes my breath away and allows for me to experience the story in freaking Technicolor. She makes the world real, and I get to experience things I never thought possible. God, I love stuff like that!

I almost forgot to add my thoughts on her genderflip. Until I started reading her Dani'verse I didn't actually think that genderflip could really work. She has created a character by flipping Daniel Jackson into Danielle, and given her a 'canon' background, that feels so right that it hurts in all the right ways.

So I fangirl her, her writing and I'll pretty much follow her to the ends of the universe because she tells an amazing fucking story.

Your turn. :D

eta: Remember you don't have show the love to just one writer over the course of this week, I know most have more than one favorite author.
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