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Farscape Fic: For the Love Of...

Author's Notes: This is for a challenge about Pilot's love life. I had thought about this type of story before, but couldn't figure out how to do it. I doubt this is what the challenge really was, but this is what's been on my mind.

Originally posted February 10, 2004 on Kansas, but not on LJ. Thank you ivorygates for giving the grammar a tweak.
Spoilers: None
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Not mine. If is was, we'd have a Farscape channel.

For the Love of...

They were his charges in a manner of speaking, his children, and Moya their mother. He watched the others fight, argue, and eventually slip away to do what lovers have for millennia.

Those were the times he almost regretted his decision to join with Moya.


If faced with the same opportunity, he would do it again in a microt in order to travel the stars, to feel the sensations he shared with her.

With his choice, he had forsaken his right to grieve for a family that he himself would bear with a mate.

He had watched these beings live, laugh and die for each other. Grieved and loved with them as well.

Yes, he had forsaken his right to progeny of his own, but watching over these - his friends - his and Moya's family, he realized he'd gained something special that was worthy of any moment of uncertainty. And he would do it again.
Tags: farscape, fic

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