Kaz (kazbaby) wrote,

now where did i put that?

I've been going crazy here. Well, no more than usual. Bummed out because I didn't get the job yesterday. Guy wanted someone who had worked with the firm before, even though the chick doesn't know how to even open the Excel program. Then cheered because of the chat with Brian Henson. Flip-flopping emotions are not a good thing right now. LOL

I was going over some things that I wrote for 2 Johns, and I realized. My Scorpius and Braca don't sound anything like them. So I watched Wayne's interview again, along with Incubator, then re-wrote 5 pages. I feel slightly better about them now, but I still think I need to do some more tweakage on it.

I need to just take my happy ass to bed. *g* One more thing. I saw an amazing movie today on the WE channel. In The Time Of Butterflies, with Salma Hayek and Edward James Olmos. It's about 3 sisters that help overthrow a dictator in the Dominican Republic in the 50's and 60's.

I usually like anything with Hayek, but when she does a serious movie. Damn, she is awesome. That is one actress that seriously under-used in film. If you have a chance to see it. Do so. You won't regret it.
Tags: henson, personal, writing
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